Kiskadee cowl

Get ready for some lace with the Kiskadee cowl!

Kiskadee is an lace elegant cowl inspired by birds in flight and their acrobatic skills.

The Kiskadee cowl is named after the bird the Great Kiskadee. They are swift, have an exuberant call, and have beautiful colors (color inspiration anyone?!). They seem to draw loops and curves in the sky. Their acrobatic skills while hunting mid-air are quite impressive. What better way to bring a smile on our faces and to enjoy the day despite all odds?!

The Kiskadee cowl is inspired by these birds and sports two lace patterns complementing each other. The lace forms stylish diamonds and V-shapes reminiscent of birds in flight. For added fun, the cowl is bordered by asymmetric peaks along both edgings creating an elegant lace cowl that will add a good dose of flair to your outfits.

The stitch patterns will for sure keep you entertained. So if you’re thinking about knitting some quick gifts, your chosen recipient will walk around in style ;-). And of course, you can totally knit the cowl for yourself! 😉 That’s double fun: knitting and wearing!

Kiskadee is very easy to customize; the pattern gives some suggestions to do just that and to make it your own. So join the fun: Get ready to take flight! You can find the cowl on Ravelry and Payhip; check it out!