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Check out the Jemwald cowl for some fun with two easy but beautiful lace patterns reminiscent of luxuriant vegetation, winding streams and waterfalls! And best of all: The cowl comes as a gift with a free subscription to Skeinwalker's newsletter, The Explorer Weekly. Join the fun!


Get a gradient bundle: It's so easy to fall in love with gradient yarns! Do you have some in your stash? Then: Unearth those gems and have an enjoyable time knitting a gradient pattern!

Rejoice with beautiful gradient yarns! They are fun to work with and delightful to wear. The Éolia scarf / stole, as well as 3 other patterns worked in gradient yarns are available in the Lacy Gradients Ravelry bundle.

Lacy gradient fun! Get the bundle at 15% off!


Check out the Orangerie cowl for an all-over pattern of airy and delicate lace!


Join The Expedition!

The special Skeinwalker pattern club The Expedition . Year 3 . The Trails ebook promises lots of fun with combining different kinds of stitches & customizable accessories. Check it out!

The ebook currently contains 4 out of 5 patterns:

  • The freshly released Lienci cowl / scarf, a wonderful exploration in stitches and color with slip-stitch, lace, and texture! Lienci is Skeinwalker's 100th pattern on Ravelry! Check the pattern out!
  • The Valfières cowl with lace, cables and negative space, and as a bonus, get entertained by the shifting colors of beautiful gradients!
  • The Nidrea cowl for some fun with combining lace with cables and mock cables for an elegant lacy & textured accessory!
  • The Ellmoril cowl combines some stylish organic lace and vertical twisted stitch patterns reminiscent of leaves, winding streams and tilted rock layers.

Take a look at some recent Skeinwalker releases:

The Quisalis cowl features some elegant lace combined with columns of twisted stitches and asymmetric cables!

Have a great time with easy lace, small leaf motifs and pointy arches with the Trocadéro Hill cowl!

Indulge with the Vimátis cowl. It offers some eye-catching cables in various widths and easy lace!

Have fun with the Irisée scarf / stole: Knit some gradient colors and lacy stitch patterns with chevrons & diamonds!

Dive into brioche right now! The Dunaris cowl will show you how. Check it out for some fun two-color brioche with a variegated colorway and a wavy reversible and spiraling stitch pattern!

Try out a Skeinwalker pattern for free!

All the Skeinwalker patterns come with crystal-clear, fully written and charted instructions. And of course, you won't be in the wild on your own! 😉 Because the patterns come with video tutorials for the used techniques and stitches, to help you along. I can't knit it for you, but I can totally help make the knitting enjoyable! It's just the fun; not the headaches of figuring it out! Because knitting has to be a pleasurable experience from start to finish, right?!

Want to experience this for yourself and get a free cowl?! And to see if Skeinwalker patterns are something for you?! You can! Join The Explorers Weekly, Skeinwalker's free weekly newsletter and receive a free cowl after joining. Let's do it! Head over to this page to subscribe and get the cowl! No strings attached!


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Get some knitting tips and tricks, techniques and project inspiration: Head over to the Skeinwalker Blog for all of that!

For more Skeinwalker's knitting patterns? Go to the Skeinwalker website or Skeinwalker's Ravelry page!

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