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Check out the Woodscape cowl for some fun with elegant leafy lace and bold staggered eyelets!

Collecting donations: Check out the Yulieo cowl for some great fun with playful slip stitches, lace and cables, all combined to form a rhythmic and harmonious whole! This is a fundraiser cowl! The profits from the Yulieo cowl will be donated to aid organizations to help refugees of the war in Ukraine.

Want to have fun with lace and brioche?! Check out the Humbelli cowl! The pattern has all you need to get familiar with brioche if you're not already (or need a refresher): The Humbelli cowl pattern comes with a ton of original video tutorials that will explain you the "how" and the "why", and teach you how to unknit stitches (in case you need to).

Want to get a free cowl?! And join a fun KAL?! Then join The Explorers Weekly, Skeinwalker's free weekly newsletter and receive a free cowl after joining. Let's do it! Head over to this page to subscribe and get the cowl! No strings attached!

Want some knitting tips and tricks, techniques and project inspiration? Head over to the Skeinwalker Blog for all of that!

Want to see more Skeinwalker's knitting patterns? Go to the Skeinwalker pattern shop or Skeinwalker's Ravelry page!

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