Slowing down and enjoying Autumn

Here in Europe, we’re heading toward Autumn. The days are noticeably cooler, the weather turned more humid and we’ve got alternately sun and rain. Yet, it’s also been unexpectedly warm for this time of the year, so I’m enjoying these days where Nature slows down.

I like Autumn because of the subtle changes it brings to the landscape. And of course the beautiful and bright colors of the leaves.

Even at the end of a rainy day, Autumn can be filled with surprises, like on the picture above. I like mist since I was little. There’s something special and poetic about it; I guess that it makes the world look different.

When going for a walk, I like to take pictures, even close to home. Those pictures might turn into inspirational resources one day, as I browse through them. It can be an inspiration for shapes, stitch patterns or colors. What about a subdued color combination with dark green, fog and rust? Doesn’t that sound lovely?

And you, what do you like about Autumn?