Rockscape shawl

The best of all worlds

Do you sometimes find yourself torn between choosing a project with lace, or with mosaic, or with special shaping, or with cables, or with some colorwork, or with…? You see what I mean, right? There is only so much time in a day, and we want to maximize our crafting time. This can lead to choosing nothing, or to starting all the things at once and making no progress.

If you really can’t choose between a specific technique, shape or stitch pattern, then don’t! 😉 Pick a project that has it all! You’ll then enjoy the multiple techniques and crafting challenges that project has to offer.

Are you wondering how to do that? Well, the Ravelry search function has you covered! No really! 😉

Let’s take an example: Say you want to find a project with some colorwork (any type of colorwork). You can use the following Ravelry search to do this.

Now say that you want lace and colorwork; you can then use this Ravelry search instead. You can add as many keywords as you wish; just edit the selected keywords by clicking / tapping on the pencil. And you can use the extensive search filters to find that perfect hidden gem for you to cast on!

Shown above: The Rockscape shawl (available on Ravelry).

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