The Expedition . Year 3 . The Trails

The Expedition . Year 3 . The Trails

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For as long as the club patterns are released, the ebook The Expedition . Year 3 . The Trails is available at a discounted price! The ebook price will go up with each pattern release.

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Let’s hike the world and walk the trail!

Welcome to The Expedition! A special pattern club by Skeinwalker.

The Expedition is all about exploring and discovering new territories. The Expedition . Year 3 . The Trails will have five accessory patterns: Three cowls, one scarf / stole, and one cowl / scarf. The patterns will combine different kinds of stitches and be customizable: Think lace, twisted stitches, slipped stitches, cables, special stitches, etc.

The patterns will be released as an ebook and added one by one every few months from January 2023 to June 2024.

Each of the five accessories is inspired by Nature, hiking, and encounters made while walking the trails (think geology, flora, fauna, etc.).

Grab your skeins and needles and join us for a year long of exploration!

Sweet, what do I get for this price?

The Expedition patterns will be released one by one. You’ll get 5 knitted accessories in total: Three cowls, one scarf / stole, and one cowl / scarf. The scarf / stole and cowl / scarf will include instructions to adapt the pattern and allow you to decide what you wish to make a scarf or a stole, or a scarf or a cowl, respectively.

From the 5 included patterns, the ebook currently contains: The Ellmoril cowl, the Nidrea cowl, the Valfières cowl. Still to come: One scarf / stole, and one cowl / scarf.

The accessories will be worked in yarn weights ranging from Fingering to DK, some will be yarns hand-dyed by indie dyers.

You can expect high-quality knitting patterns with lots of support materials to make your knitting life easier! Just like with all Skeinwalker patterns, the Expedition patterns will include crystal-clear full written and charted instructions as well as a schematic, blocking photos, detailed sample photos and video tutorials for the used stitches and techniques. You’ll also get yarn consumption information and customization suggestions to adapt the size of the project to your yarns and needs, or to make the best possible use of the yardage you have.

Feel free to chat and share your progress during the whole duration of The Expedition. You’ll find a dedicated thread in the Skeinwalker Ravelry group. There might be a couple of surprises 🙂

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The Expedition . Year 3 . The Trails is available right now on Ravelry as an ebook at a discounted price. Throughout the coming year, I’ll add the remaining patterns one by one, and with each new pattern, the price of the ebook will go up. The purchase price of the ebook includes the full Expedition – five patterns.

Here are the included patterns so far:

Want to get a free cowl? Read on!

We all love knitting, right?! I certainly do! I’d like to gift you a cowl and doing so spread the love for knitting even more 🙂 This gift is available to everyone.

Curious about which cowl that is? Head over to the Skeinwalker freebie page to find out!. Upon registering and confirming your email address, you will receive the link to download the pattern PDF, and you will get a free subscription to The Explorers Weekly newsletter, with tips, inspiration, updates on new pattern releases along with exclusive coupon codes for discounts that I don’t share anywhere else.

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