Wrap yourself in softness with the Kobberbøg stole

One and a half years ago, I was hiking in a forest in the South of The Netherlands. As I turned a corner, I discovered a large path in the woods, bordered by rows of mighty trees, some with green leaves, some with dark reddish-purple leaves. I love trees and shrubs with red, purple or amber foliage. I don’t exactly know why, but in my mind, they are special. And I always find their colors especially enticing.

On that day, rays of the early spring sun peeked through the leaves. The colors were beautiful, gentle green and moody reddish-purple. They looked like gems, almost translucent as they were lit from behind. As I walked along the path, the sunshine seemed to bring these leaves to life. It gave them hundreds of shades. I was especially in love with the backlit reddish-copper tones and the sparkly dancing shapes of those leaves. And I took tons of pictures 😉

The Kobberbøg scarf / stole is inspired by those trees, leaves and colors.

Kobber bøg means copper beech in Danish, wonderful and mighty trees. Kobberbøg combines several lace patterns growing from the center out. They grow in a crescendo from seed to seedling to majestic crown, just like the trees that inspired this stole.

The Kobberbøg scarf / stole starts with a fun provisional cast-on, (it’s really my favorite cast-on! I can tell you: You need this one in your knitter’s arsenal!), and is knitted from the center out. The lace stitch patterns grow in a crescendo from the center of the scarf towards the more intricate lacy sides.

The main stitch pattern is reminiscent of leaves and while it looks intricate, it is relatively easy to memorize; it’s also using some easy patterning on the wrong side (but all lace stitches are worked on the right side). This makes the stole attractive on both sides, reversible but with a clear side A and side B.

You’ll be able to wrap the stole around your neck and still have a good length left for draping it in front of your body. Or you can wear it nonchalantly draped over your shoulders. The stitch patterns will keep you entertained but are not difficult to knit. And you can get it all done in time for the spring and walk around in style ;-). Of course, you can customize the length to make it shorter or longer, and work it as a stole or a scarf. The pattern is written for two sizes and gives some suggestions to customize the project and to make it your own.

The Kobberbøg scarf / stole uses a lovely blend of Merino and Silk, hand-dyed by one of my favorite indie dyers: Dye For Yarn. With its incredible drape and softness, the yarn enhances the delicacy and elegance of the lace patterning, making the stole flowy, crisp and soft at the same time; a joy to wrap yourself into.

All the Skeinwalker patterns come with crystal-clear fully written and charted instructions. And of course, you won’t be in the wild on your own! 😉 Because the patterns come with video tutorials for the used techniques and stitches, to help you along. I can’t knit it for you, but I can totally help making the knitting enjoyable! It’s just the fun; not the headaches of figuring it out! Because knitting has to be a pleasurable experience from start to finish, right?! Check the Kobberbøg pattern out and experience this for yourself!